11 May 2013

My last day as a sophomore in college, this seems like a huge milestone. Thankfully, final exams are over. Just have to wait for grades to come in, oh Joy (or rather Sans Joy from Faerie Queene- it’s clever I think- meaning without joy). In merely two years, I will be thrown out into the ‘real’ world and either fly…or fall on my ass. After being in school for so long; high school, college…it seems strange not to be. I plan to apply to graduate school. But who really knows what will happen?

While I was packing up my apartment and moving out, it felt strange, but not horrible. Yes, I will no longer be an underclassmen, but there is room for opportunity, change, and growth. Hey, change is scary, but it seems to be a good thing, it is the only way for people, society, the world, to progress and adapt accordingly.

I feel like I have so much left I want to do, yes I have a mental list in my head- no, I don’t want to write it down quite yet. However, I am excited to continue my college career and then start my life as an independent adult, supporting herself and hopefully enjoying whatever it is that I’ll end up doing. It seems a lot of people I know have it figured out already. Everyone might say that it’s normal not to know what you are doing or even not have a plan, but at the same time, it is looked down upon.

The other day I discovered a blog that I thought paralleled to my life and situation. Oh, you’re an English major? So what do you do with that, teach? Make no money? Struggle? I get it, I get it. It’s not an especially stable major. It’s what I want to do, I will take it as a challenge. So, I know this hasn’t been in any way cohesive, just wanted to rant a little. I plan to see the Great Gatsby tonight so maybe I will write a review, so excited! Conclusively…I am both nervous and excited about my future and the challenges it throws at me. And, I’m excited about my junior year! So weird. Anyway, hasta luego! Adios!


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