Mother’s Day

This post is dedicated to my mother. She is absolutely wonderful and without her, I don’t know what I would do. While classically mothers were greatly appreciated (i.e. Greeks believed the closest and most important relationship was the father and son relationship), I think today it is clear that a mother’s role in a child’s life is the utmost important and nourishing. Perhaps, it is debated that a mother’s love stems from the oxytocin released during childbirth and breast feeding…I have no doubt that it only furthers the relationship rather than to create it.

Many people have different reactions to Mother’s Day. It can be a sad day, a nostalgic day, a happy day. For all the mothers out there, thank you for having the most valuable ‘job’ in life. It’s puzzling how my mother did so well…Whenever I talk about my mom, I tell everyone how amazing she is, because it’s true. She is popular with everyone, even with my friends, she is the ‘cool’ mom. Maybe the label isn’t so cool, but she is. She is not simply a friend, she’s a support system, a source of advice and energy, wise beyond her years, funny, loving, and absolutely self-sacrificing.

I love her more than words can express, it’s an indescribable bond- between a mother and a child, between a father and a child. I am lucky enough to have both a mother and a father, and damn good ones too. I know that my mother will probably read this.. hopefully. Haha, anyway. I just wanted to say that I love you, I appreciate you, and one of the best things about being home is being able to spend time with you. You’re my rock. You’ve done an unbelievable job as a mother, I’m lucky to have you.Image


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