“When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die. There is no in middle ground…”

I am in the process of reading George R.R. Martin’s series of A Song of Fire and Ice, and I am loving it! It is especially interesting to compare it to the current HBO television show (currently on Season 3). I love the concept of an epic fantasy. As the author has said, the devil is in the details. The scale of details in these books are incredible; the geographical world of the Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, the family histories, the history of the Iron Throne and different legacies. It is amazing to think that one’s imagination can span that far and create an epic series of work. I hope that one day I can culminate my imagination into a creative piece. Not that it will be comparable to Game of Thrones. Just that it makes me hopeful…what really are the bounds of one’s mind? One’s imagination?

Perhaps it is the limitations one applies to it. Without those constraints, one’s imagination is completely unconstrained, and full of possibilities.

I just updated this post because of the current episode drama. Please, answer the poll! I am interested to see the responses from other GoT fans!


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