Hail Macca!

Sorry I haven’t been able to write very often this summer. But, there is something I can’t stop thinking about. My dad and I went to the best concert of my life… Paul McCartney, ah! From his roaring notes, personal stories, chatting to the audience, the light show, the atmosphere. Did I mention it was at Fenway Park? It was the house record…Nothing better than to see Paul McCartney outdoors surrounded by 35,000+ people. He told stories from Jimi Hendrix covering their album and looking for Eric Clapton to tune his guitar, to George giving him his first ukulele (which he played with!), to tributes to both George and John. It was such an emotional experience, relating to every song and knowing it was part of my childhood. One friend tried to mentally prepare me for the experience, saying that it was like seeing an old friend but for the first time. So right, I can’t explain it any other way. I loved seeing everyone dance and sing along, to hear songs I have heard all my life, by the legend himself. He was everything I thought he would be. Some people say that he is overrated. Clearly they haven’t seen him life. He is the epitome of rock n roll. Not only did he play Wings songs, but of course, the classic Beatles songs that you know my heart and hold dear.  I almost teared up during Here Today, his song dedicated to John in form of a conversation they didn’t get to have. So much history there, so much emotion. I feel like this post is very scattered…but I can’t possibly organize my thoughts in the right way. They are overwhelmed by the awesomeness. Still.

Here is the setlist from that night in Boston, 7/09/13. It is amazing how many songs he performed, how much he moved around. He is forever a rock star, my idol, and all I have to say is…Hail Macca! 


I wish I could post all of my photos and videos on here, but that would be impossible. So! I am going to try to put one my favorite pictures and one of my favorite videos on next. Get excited!


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