La Cocinita

La Cocinita “Comida de la Calle”
…aka delicious food truck

This is the first time I have been even tempted to write a food blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely have a love-love relationship with food, of all types. I don’t discriminate…I am an equal opportunist when it comes to trying new things or styles. But, I never wanted to be the type of person that took pictures, solely of food and shared that with the world. I wanted my blog to serve as more of a variation, from personal musings to travel to even more intellectual or creative writing…which I am still working on. However, I decided to make an exception because I love supporting local business here in NOLA…and because it was amazing!

Today, my boyfriend and I went to La Cocinita food truck at the Freret Market. As soon as we walked up, there was definitely a certain NOLA vibe. I have been up and down Freret, but for some reason had never come across the Market when it was alive. There was food, vendors, and not to mention a great band. Of course, everyone was decked out in their Saints gear today as we will play against the PA Eagles later tonight. It was great to see such liveliness in such a local way, on a revived street that has been supporting new businesses and great new restaurants.

From their website on the About US page, you’ll see that they serve “fresh, authentic, gourmet street food from Latin America. We offer an array of delicious and inexpensive options, ranging from traditional Mexican tacos to less familiar South American fare such as arepas and patacones.” This description serves them well, bringing Latin American street food to the streets of NOLA. The menu is mostly build-your-own. For $9, you can get 3 tacos/burri-tacos. My boyfriend and I started with tacos, both trying the Venezuelan brisket and Lechon (Braised Pork). We were starving, so we practically swallowed them whole. One of the fun parts are the different sauces: we tried Jalapeno, Chipotle, Salsa Verde, etc. Try different ones each time! As you can see, we also tried the Arepas with the Brisket- 2 for $9. It was so flavorful and juicy! The cornmeal arepas juxtaposed the meat with a nice, satisfying crunch.

I talked with Rachel, about how and why they started their business and you could tell she was very passionate about her food and the NOLA community! Running for around two years, they’ll definitely will make (and have made) their mark on NOLA food/truck scene. I am so excited to go back!


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