Toledo, Espana

Video that I made of a collection of some of my fotografias y videos.

Touristy things:
-Plaza del Zocodover
-La Catedral
-Bus Tour
-Monasterio de San de los Reyes

-Cafe solo, claro que si
-Hamburguesa y papas fritas
-Vinto tinto
-Marzapan (un postre de Toledo)

“Like a travel through history”.
It was much more beautiful than expected. Not the city, but the weather most definitely. We were granted with a sunny day, perfect for roaming the historical and cobblestone streets of Toledo, full of character and uphill walking…Every narrow street felt like it stood on it’s own, like you were walking around a city-sized museum. You just had to make sure you didn’t get run over by the cars. From the hanging jamon (ham) in the shops to the swords hanging around, it was definitely an experience. Not only was it beautiful, but you were surrounded by people from all over, since tourists are Toledo’s bread and butter.

As one can view from it’s architecture, Toledo has a rich and culturally diverse history: Catholic, Jewish, & Moorish. I won’t give you a history lesson, but it was certainly a pleasure to see the combination or mezcla of cultures, the layers of Toledo’s history, often called the ‘soul’ or ‘essence’ of Spain. While that is still to be determined, I hope you enjoy this video and experiencing Toledo por mis ojos.
Hasta luego.


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