Spain & Study Abroad

This page is dedicated to a time of passion, adventure, and travel. One that not only expanded my world view, horizons as most cliche study abroad experiences do; one that also shed light on myself in glaringly loud and nuanced ways. Of course, when asked about this experience, words fail to encapsulate the collective range of emotions it ignites. Summed up not so prettily or expertly as ‘amazing’ or ‘life-changing’, these experiences have fused themselves in my memory, in my heart as something not so easily understood or captured. It is always the failure of a writer, a thinker to stop at that sentence, isn’t it? “It is not easily understood. It is not easily explained.” That difficulty, challenge to compose an accurate description itself is the reason to probe further, to examine, analytically, culturally, nostalgically [because that’s inevitable, let’s face it] to reach the best understanding of it, of one’s self. Therefore, I will once again dedicate this page to the search of that understanding. To find the ways to write, capture, and experience those memories once again, which when melded together reaches an essence- the undeniably romanticized, yet perfectly imperfect, highly paradoxical trip of a wanderlust twenty-something.

Recap: Studied abroad to Madrid, Spain for 6 months for cultural and language immersion at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Getafe Campus. Have written in previous posts [blog: Espana Por Mis Ojos- Spain Through My Eyes], but was quite incomplete. The search for immersion, language learning, and exploration continues as my passion for Spanish culture only grows.

Further interests: Current Events, Linguistics, History of Spain & Latin America, Spanish Literature, & Gender Equality [i.e. Studies on Machismo, Cultural Violence Against Women, etc.]

Prospects: Articles, essays, photography, past travel stories, anecdotes, narratives, & more.


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